Swim Video Analysis

A1 Health and Fitness are now offering front crawl underwater swim video analysis up to Christmas for a special price of £60.  This session is conducted in a swimming pool not an endless pool. This means that your regular stroke is analysed with feedback given directly at pool side with further feedback given on a high quality DVD.  The location of the swimming pool is located near to Grantham and is easily accessible from the A1.

For further information please contact us here at A1 Health and Fitness to book or discuss your requirements.

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Youth Triathlon Training Day

After a hectic week we have finally got round to updating the website and reporting on the recent Youth Triathlon Training day held at Stoke Rochford Hall on 11th August 2011. (more…)

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Working with Oxford Triathlon Club

On the 1st August I spent the evening working with the coaches of Oxford Triathlon Club.  This was the second such evening that I had spent with them giving guidance and advice on how to improve their understanding of swim coaching and thereby developing their swimmers’ technique.  The first time I led the session from a very basic level taking swimmers back to adopting (more…)

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Youth Triathlon Training Day – 11th August 2011

On the 11th August 2011 A1 Health and Fitness is hosting their first Youth Triathlon Training Day at Stoke Rochford Hall.  This event is for ages 8 to 16 and is aimed at all levels of ability from complete beginners to those that have taken part in races.  The sessions will be led by fully qualified British Triathlon Coaches with the lead coach having extensive coaching experience at all levels; all coaches have have Enhanced CRB clearance.  (more…)

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Club La Santa Training Camp May 2011

Who could turn down the opportunity to spend 8 days out in Lanzarote? Even better when you are a coach and you are invited by a group of triathletes who wanted coaching.  After much deliberation – a second – the offer was accepted.  I met up with the group at Gatwick and after a smooth journey we arrived at Club La Santa; a great training facility for all athletes.  Having taken groups out there before it was a quick familiarisation, a check of activities available and then first thing the next morning it was into the training programme. (more…)

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Coping with modern day life – Consistency is the key

There is no doubt that keeping fit for modern day life is very difficult, there are always temptations that lead to us to fail in achieving our goals.  First though, what do we mean by keeping fit?  Is it the amount we weigh, the shape and tone of our body, how fast we can swim, bike or run, maybe it’s to keep up with active children or is it simply the ability to carry out everyday tasks as we get older.  Another thing to consider about fitness is whether our bodies can last the distance as life expectancy continues to grow? (more…)
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A1 Health and Fitness Activities for 2011

Get Fit Classes
There are a lot of plans being made for 2011with some classes already organised.  It is hoped that more classes will be added as and when suitable locations can be found. (more…)

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Is the Local Gym the Place for You?

Do you belong to a large size gym and pay a monthly fee?  Do you feel you get value for money?  Do the staff really help you become fitter, leaner, healthier? Having used many gyms over 35 years I think the resounding answer, in most cases, is no!  (more…)

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A Review of 2010 – A Change of Direction or Passion?

What happened to 2010? For me, it was a year of change and time to move out of my comfort zone and do something that has been a passion for some time. So, after 33 years, I left the Army to set up A1 Health and Fitness.  (more…)

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