Do you want to improve your cycling?  Have better pedalling efficiency? Produce more power through each turn of the pedal? Understand your strengths and weaknesses?  Be better positioned on your bike?  Gain 2 mph plus? All of these can be achieved through using A1 Health and Fitness’s state of the art Computrainer as used by the USA cycle team and numerous elite triathletes; 4 of the top 5 finisher at the World Ironman Championship in 2010 used a Computrainer as a regular part of their training.

What is the Computrainer?
The Computrainer allows you to train on your own bike and in front of a big screen in a more natural way than on a stationary gym bike or spinning class. You will be able to follow real life cycle race or triathlon courses.

Functional Threshold Testing
A functional threshold test can be carried out to determine relative workloads. This should be an important part of any cyclist training programme to help determine level of fitness.  With the results from this test you will be supplied with a prescription of training intensities.

Pedal Analysis
Using CompuTrainer’s SpinScanTM Pedal Stroke Analyser we can look at your pedalling efficiency and give recommendations to improve weaknesses.

“The best thing about CompuTrainer is you can do very specific monitored workouts. You can replicate training sessions and do the exact wattages/ cadences that you need to be successful. I think course visualization is very important. You can ride the course in your own basement so that you’re familiar with its demands when you get to the race. The new CompuTrainer interactive real course videos really help.”

Craig Alexander, Ford IM World Champion 2008

Our coaching services include:
• Bike fitting using the Computrainer – £35
• Pedalling efficiency and functional threshold testing (critical power) – £35
• Pedalling efficiency analysis – £35
• The above 3 combined – £85
• 1 hour individual cycle session using the Computrainer £10
• Training days and weekends
• Overseas training camp